Chad Mason – Procrastination Day (WT013)

Released 27 April

Debut single (on Waltz Time) from Chad. Allow him to gently immerse you in his folk-rock stew…. This is taken from his album ‘May ’14 and More’ which will be out on 14th May (pure coincidence? I think not!).

Firestations – Cold Sweaty Palms Single (WT012)

Released 20 April

This release features remixes from acclaimed electro-pop band Stats (a minimal rock band who remix songs in a dream disco style), Gavin John Baker (of seminal post-rockers Billy Mahonie – and from bedroom blip-urchin Bit Cloudy. These new versions range from disco stomp (Stats re-imagining of previous single Forgetful Man) to dark alt-folk (the Shirley Collins inspired epic re-working of Lonely Town).


A bit less new, but still mighty good…

Firestations – Never Closer album (WT011)

Firestations – Forgetful Man single (WT010)

Chin of Britain – Chin of Britain Album (WT009)

David G Cox – David G Cox Album (WT008)

David G Cox Album

Listen on Spotify here and buy on itunes, Amazon etc.

David G Cox – Bag of Bones EP (WT007)

Chin of Britain – Nothing Changes single (WT006)

Firestations – This Shrinking Brain single (WT005)

Bit Cloudy – Bit Cloudy (WT004)

Original Fireplace – Health Visitor EP (WT003)

Firestations – Meanwhile Gardens EP (WT002)

Firestations – Deletions EP (WT001)